• The beginnings of TXT

    Shortly after the release of TTT2, Peruvian players were seeking a rematch against Venezuela so they challenged them to a 5 vs 5. Soon, more players got behind the idea, including players from other South American countries. After many online meetings over Skype, they reached a consensus for a tournament name and a logo, and with that, the first TxT took place in Peru in 2013.

  • TXT Peru 2013

    With great effort and after overcoming many hardships, the Peruvian Tekken community organized what would become the first South American Tekken tournament ever. It took place in the region of San Martín, in the capital city of Lima. There were over 100 players in attendance, including Tekken 6 EVO Champion KOR, from the USA as a special guest.

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  • TxT Bolivia 2014

    The second edition of TXT raised all standards in terms of organization and effort by the local community, without a doubt. It took place in La Paz, Bolivia. For the first time, Saint, from South Korea, was invited as a special guest.

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  • TxT Paraguay 2015

    Originally, Venezuela had been chosen to host the third edition of TXT. Unfortunately, the country´s circumstances prevented their Tekken community from organizing an event of this magnitude. As a result, Paraguay took the reins and delivered a very touching TXT. It took place in Asunción and it featured the best players in South America.

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  • TxT Brazil 2016

    The 4th edition of TXT took place in the great city of Sao Paulo. Harry Potter, from Italy, joined the competition. For the first time, a TXT event was sponsored by Namco Bandai, who provided aditional setups to try the upcoming Tekken 7.

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Joaquín Sandoval



Ángel Cruz



Rony Barbosa


Germán Romero



Alepxanderaux Hernández - Ricardo Mariño P.









Alexis Gil


TxT Chile 2017

Every time a TXT concludes, there is uncertainty regarding what the venue will be for the next edition of this event in South America. This is when speculation for the location and other things takes place. This year has been no exception, and without a doubt the next venue is one of the most anticipated ones as Chile has many times been a candidate but never before have they actually been chosen to host the event. Now the wait is over and, as some have speculated, this time TXT will take place in Santiago de Chile.

Details TxT Chile 2017

The pioneer South American Tekken Tournament is back and this time it will be held in Santiago de Chile. The event will take place in 7 Octuber 2017 and on this occasion we will definitely have surprises. Would you like to know more? Stick with us and soon we will let you know every single detail for this great South American event.

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Location event TXT 2017

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